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EAP 5835

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About The Course

Course meeting time: Four hours/week.
Classroom: Yon 320.
EAP 5835 is a 04 credit course that meets four hours a week to practice the interpersonal and group communication skills needed within the culture of U.S. higher education. Special attention is paid to pronunciation, accent remediation, prosody, intonation, and fluency as well as to academic presentation skills. There is a weekly language lab component as well as regular academic presentations.
Improving your spoken English requires time, effort, and practice. Simply attending class and then speaking your native language for the rest of the day will not help you. You will need to practice at least 1 hour per day outside of class -- preferably in 5 - 10 minute intervals (i.e. 5 minutes X 12 practice sessions or 10 minutes X 6 practice sessions). You will be recorded and have many opportunities to get feedback and instruction. However, we can only open the door. YOU have to walk through it.
Resources for the course are listed in the side menu

Course Outline (Subject to change as needed)

Week Activities
Week One Course Overview, Intro Language Learning Strategies and Goals.
Week Two Introduce IPA, Overview of Presentations, Praat software.
Week Three Word stress.
Week Four Thought Groups, Practice Listening for TG.
Week Five Phrasal Stress, Academic Presentations.
Week Six Linking and Reduction, Academic Presentations.
Week Seven How to Use Intonation.
Week Eight Request Strategies.
Week Nine Refusal Strategies
Week Ten Instruction Strategies.
Week Eleven TED Talks.
Week Twelve TED Talks and Mirroring.
Week Thirteen Homecoming, Communication Strategies.
Week Fourteen Final Presentation Preparation.
Week Fifteen Presentation and Discussion, Thanksgiving.
Week Sixteen Course wrap up.

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