& metaphorical idioms


up one's alley over a barrel (see Brugman & Lakoff) over the hill against the grain in the oven off the cuff off his rocker /beam in a dither ? idiom down the drain under the weather sweep under the rug stand behind smne on the cutting-edge up a creek in the wind over a barrel on the outs with smne ups & downs down & out up in the air


gold mine hit pay dirt pan out mother lode


real McCoy branded for life hold your horses get roped in bite the dust stick to your guns quick on the trigger kick over the traces straight shooter plow the pasture put out to pasture bite the bullet get back on the horse at the end of his rope


all fired up hot under the collar let off steam damper (put a -- on things) blow one's stack get up a head of steam rake over the coals be in hot water


(don't) rock the boat in the same boat ? crossing the bar take the wind out of one's sails


face the music whistle a different tune same old song and dance fit as a fiddle play second fiddle to trumpet (the news)


full-fledged wolf in sheep's clothing (proverb?) be a wolf / ladies' man 2 jerks of a (dead) lamb's tail bark up the wrong tree lame duck cat is out of the bag eager beaver take bull by the horns count chickens before hatched (proverb) be chicken lay an egg teach old dog new tricks let sleeping dogs lie (proverb) eggs in one basket walking on eggs handle with kid gloves make a bee-line a bee in the bonnet beat a dead horse horse around feel one's oats horse of a different color straight from the horses mouth cook the witch in her own oven a bum steer make the fur fly smell a rat get your goat barrel of monkeys monkey on his back to ride herd on a sly fox a fox (female) long in the tooth yanking your chain to pussy-foot around to smell a rat like a bat out of hell go whole hog hen-pecked bell the cat (proverb?) put on the feedbag feed the kitty (?)


get under one's skin be a headache be hard-headed hit the nail on the head make your head swim keep head above water nose to grindstone nose around nosey apple of one's eye wet/dry behind the ears pull the wool over eyes here's mud in your eye down in the mouth hand to mouth (living) hard to swallow pain in the neck give/get the cold shoulder a real hand (metonymy) give a hand (applause) give a hand (help, metonymy) have a hand in x hand over fist upper hand (have the)? turn thumbs down/up wrap around little finger put your finger on it sticky fingers have a finger in the pie put your finger on it knuckle down knuckle head ! knuckle under elbow grease to stomach it thorn in the side be a pain in the ass get the lead out of your ass shake a leg last legs (on one's) talk your leg off pull your leg give a leg up not a leg to stand on stumble (speech?) dragging your heels on smne's heels head over heels ! step on it get your feet wet foot in mouth (put your) let grass grow under one's feet on your toes step on smn's toes by the skin of one's teeth (metaphor?) stiff upper lip


make the grade one track mind whistlestop tour end of the line on the right track


throw in the towel throw hat in the ring knock-out (be a) to knock smne out (astonish) go a few rounds


on a roll you bet play with full deck hit jackpot deal me in/out ante up smthg up his sleave bet bottom dollar


cut apron strings cut ice (doesn't .. any ..) cut the mustard (can't) (some others classified elsewhere) cut it (doesn't/can't) cut it out! cutting up (metaphor?) cut ground/grass from under your feet


fly by seat of pants cut of his jib caught with pants down throw down the gauntlet down at the heels be well heeled ride on x's coattails run ragged burn a hole in the pocket if the shoe fits ..(proverb?) dressed to the hilt ? dressed to the teeth ? flannel mouth have smthg up one's sleeve high hat


run out of gas not hitting on all four (cylinders) be a big wheel lower the boom lock,stock & barrel spinning his wheels (category Auto?) a bumpy ride take a a back seat to smne ship of the desert two-way street dead end ...

: SPORTS baseball etc

par for the course get to first base homerun ..? curve ball & other types of balls out in left field to come out of left field


apple-pie order hot potato caught with hand in cookie jar spill the beans full of beans cry over spilled milk (proverb) piece of cake (not) my cup of tea tempest in a teapot that makes the whole in the donut egg on your face sour grapes thro the grapevine meat head cold turkey ? salt of the earth take with a grain of salt (don't) chew my cabbage twice chew the fat bite off more than one can chew sugar-coat a pill take your medicine .. tough nut to crack ? wake up & smell the coffee bring home the bacon the breadwinner to salt away (save) icing on the cake


nip it in the bud stop and smell the roses


put x on the back burner broken record (not) hold a candle to (metaphor->idiom) burn the candle at both ends give up the ghost call up on the carpet stick in the mud have a ball get/be fresh talk a blue streak in hot water rub the wrong way to mushroom raise the roof throw the baby out with the bathwater (proverb?) play with fire child's play break the ice low man on totem pole neither here nor there whole 9 yards get the hang of it rip-off drive up the wall to climb the wall smell to high heaven water over the dam pass the buck buck stops here (aphorism?) have the goods on smne to ring a bell scrape the bottom of the barrel take down a peg or two watch your p's & q's out on a limb have a case on smne (??) sawing logs sew your wild oats get a kick out of xx give a hoot have a short fuse
miss the mark / boat have smne on a string get down to brass tacks (metaphor->idiom) (whole new) ball of wax go over like a lead balloon (simile?) blow the whistle raise Cain send x packing smart as a whip an axe to grind on pins and needles tread the boards (metonymy?) beat around the bush (metaphor->idiom) take to the hills piece-meal ? go to pot ? bolt out of the blue (complex.. ->idiom) cotton to smthg ? rake over the coals be floored (metonymy - loc:: result) cute as a button sling mud once in a blue moon out of the blue dyed in the wool get a handle on x on thin ice rob the cradle rob Peter to pay Paul borrowed time (see Lakoff) taste of own medicine straddle the fence read the riot act high flying (flyer) that's a snap a nip in the air chink in the armor give it a whirl call a spade a spade all stoved up nigger in the woodpile (dying out?) hit the hay hit the sack /sack out be in the bag take a powder be ticked/pissed off
burn a hole in your pocket (money) have the goods on smne your two 2 cents worth that lights a bulb smoking gun to eat crow get a bang out of smthg (not) be out of the woods soft soap that's the way the cookie crumbles (metaphor?) hit the road burn one's bridges get wind of smthg left holding the bag sad sack get the short end of the stick to make waves catch cold catch some Z's give smne the 3rd degree out of line take a hike walking on air out of bounds up in arms on the wagon on one's high horse light at the end of the tunnel jewel in the crown of x ? nick of time ? be beside oneself swallow one's pride stuck up straw that broke the camel's back (proverb?) last straw (not) one's cup of tea when in Rome (proverb?) off the beam put on the feed bag greeneyed (with envy) irons in the fire out in the cold hit the ceiling pay the fiddler on the ball fire up your software